DVC’s Prayer Corner

The family that prays together stays together.     



DVC invites you to join us to pray for those in IMMEDIATE NEED of prayers within our parish, family and friends. Feel free to drop down your prayer intentions here in DVC Blog in the Prayer Conner, and together we pray & support each other.       

Prayer Intentions: Let us know your prayer intentions and we will be happy to pray for you, asking our Loud to pour His richest blessings over you. 

Answered Prayer: It builds everyone’s faith to hear how Jesus answers prayer. Let us know how our Lord has answered your prayers, so we can share it with others. Feel free to share your thoughts. You never know how much your story can touch many others. God Bless.

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    I wish to pray for a friend of mine who is preparing for her wedding in September, and found out that her to-be-mother-in-law (her fiancee’s mother) has lung cancer. May the Lord comforts and strengthens her family at this critical time, to hold fast in faith and hope. Amen.

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