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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Have you ever reflected while looking at a cup?

It could be an image of you and me and us with our different sizes, shapes, texture, colors, cracks, stains and the capacity of giving and receiving…
Next time, as you drink your tea or coffee or chocolate, ask yourself these questions:

How do I look at myself?
Have I ever wondered why God finds me so precious even with my cracks and stains?

How can I express my love for Him? Have I sometimes asked God “What must I do to be a nice cup, able to hold your love and pour it out to my brothers and sisters?”

Beautiful Story

Monday, August 25th, 2008

奧運開幕圖片 電視上看不到

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Click HERE


Wednesday, August 20th, 2008












影片《深藍世界》,描寫一批捷克飛行員在德國入侵之後,投效英軍,加入戰場的真人實事。& lt; BR>









Good Karma

Monday, August 18th, 2008

This is a nice reading, but short. Enjoy! This is what The
Dalai Lama has to say for 2006. All it takes is a few seconds
to read and think over. Do not keep this message. The mantra
must leave your hands within 96 hours. You will get a very
pleasant surprise. This is true for all – even if you are not
superstitious… or of whatever religious belief… Faith…

I N S T R U C T I O N S  F O R  L I F E
1. Take into account that great love and great achievements
involve great risk.
2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
3. Follow the three R’s:
– Respect for self,
– Respect for others and
– Responsibility for all your actions.
4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a
wonderful stroke of luck.
5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly.
6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship.
7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate
steps to correct it.
8. Spend some time alone every day.
9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.
10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
11. Live a good, honorable life. Then when you get older and
think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time.
12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for
your life.
13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the
current situation. Don’t bring up the past.
14. Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.
15. Be gentle with the earth.
16. Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.
17. Remember that the best relationship is one in which your
love for each other exceeds your need for each other.
18. Judge your success by what you had to give up in order
to get it.
19. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon.

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WYD 2008 – “You will receive the power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses.”

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

This verse from the Acts of the Apostles was the guiding line of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney.

I was there! I saw it come true slowly slowly in the life of the young people I was with, and why not, also in mine!

Pope Benedict told us:
 “Accept into your hearts and minds the sevenfold gift of the Holy Spirit!
Recognize and believe in the power of the Spirit in your lives!”

Matrix 聖召海報

Monday, August 4th, 2008


The answer is out there… and it’s calling you


Coming to a Parish Near You

Restricted for Those Radically in Love with Jesus Christ/Running Time: All Eternity

This FAITH has been modified from the original version. Yes, it is formatted to fit your life.

A Letter from God

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

From: GOD
Reference: LIFE

This is God.  I will handle ALL your problems for you TODAY.  I do Not need your help. 
So, have a nice day.
I love you.

P.S.  Remember… If life happens to set a situation in which you cannot handle, do Not attempt to resolve it by yourself! Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box. I will get to it in MY TIME.  All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours. 

Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it.  Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now and let go your worries.
Forward this message to those you love. Thank you. You may touch their life in ways you never know!
God has seen you struggling,
God says it’s over.
A blessing is coming your way.